Your Business is Like Crossfit

I haven’t really shared much about this yet with you, my fabulous tribe…but I’ve been kicking butt at Crossfit since the end of February. I decided to join a Crossfit gym this year because I had put on 20 lbs since my wedding in 2010. I was fed up with feeling out of shape. It was time to get serious about feeling better and showing up more energized for my...

Step Into Your Powerful Biz Owner Shoes…Literally

You know that business owner you envision becoming…someday? Well, it’s time to start stepping into her shoes now. What does she look like? How does she dress? What kinds of shoes does she wear? How does she carry herself? What is her office space like? What does the inside of her car look like? If you wait until your first public talk or your first client meeting to try to embody this powerful leader, you will probably end up scrambling to try to figure out how she shows up and you’ll likely appear uncomfortable and...

Love Notes – An Instant Pick Me Up When You’re Feeling Down

Being an entrepreneur isn't always easy...actually let me restate that - being human isn't always easy. Some days you feel on top of the world; like the days when you have a new client sign up at your highest rate ever, you receive an email from a client thanking you for the difference you've made in their life, or a colleague you admire asks you to be their joint venture partner. Then there's other days when you're stuck in a...
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