Are you looking for an upbeat speaker who can captivate, motivate and engage your entrepreneurial audience?


My signature talk, “Branding YOU: 3 Keys to Build Your Client-Attracting Signature Brand” can be done in various formats and at various lengths, from a full-day workshop to a keynote, breakout or lunch and learn. I customize the experience to meet each audience I speak to.

Branding YOU: 3 Keys to Build Your Client-Attracting Signature Brand

As a coach, or other service-based business owner, you can have all the training in the world, but if your potential clients don’t resonate with YOU, they won’t hire you. Your signature brand is what helps potential clients relate to you and know if you are someone who they want to work with! Without it, how will they decide?

During this talk, your audience members will…
  • Find out why building their signature brands will help them earn money faster than any other marketing strategy.
  • Discover the 3 facets of a signature brand and the ONE thing that must be present for these 3 facets to come together in a clear, compelling and authentic way.
  • Learn why colors matter. Discover the power of color psychology and how to use the right colors to attract the right clients.
  • Identify the key differences between branding a service-based business and a product-based business.
  • Leave with a personalized action plan. Specifically, they will know their first three branding priorities and when they will accomplish them.


My ideal audience members are coaches and other service-based, mission-driven business owners.

More specifically, this talk is a great fit for business owners who…
  • Get blank stares or polite nods when they tell people what they do, but no one is signing up to become a client.
  • Know that their brand lacks cohesion but they don’t know how to pull it all together.
  • Want to stand out, be memorable and become a sought-after expert in their field.
  • Are just starting out in business and want to build a strong brand foundation from the beginning.
  • Have been in business for a while, but they’re not seeing the results they want, and they’re tired of watching others launch to the top while they stay stuck.


Anywhere, as long as my ideal audience members are there! I am available to speak at conferences, networking groups, meetup groups or online events.

I am happy to travel worldwide for your group of 25 or more. Please contact me to discuss details.


Please contact me for availability.

Your Investment

I am happy to work within your budget and custom design a talk or workshop for your group that meets your financial needs. I am also happy to speak for no fee at all, depending on the type of event, and provided certain requirements are met.


Contact my team at to inquire about speaking!

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